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So long to summer.

Well another summer has flown by. This summer was actully very busy for me and my family. My kid sister finally got married. What a great wedding. I took my boys camping up in the woods of Maine. We went white water rafting, fishing and saw some Moose. We spent a couple of days with my father. The boys got to ride horses and learn how to care for them as well. I think it was one of our best vacations. Work has been nice and busy which helped to speed the time along. I got a promotion a few weeks ago and I look forward to getting things up and running in the new position just as soon as I can clear a few things from my current plate load. My kids are all doing well. The Olympics were a great inspiration for my boys, who are now both looking forward to the fall/winter swim season. Way to go Michael Phelps! Football has started again and both of my younger boys are both back into the full swing of practices. Autum is pretty much here. The nights are cool and dry and the days are sunny an…