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Good Bye

On Friday December 3 2010 this world lost an amazing person and I lost a treasured friend.  Christopher Parks was more of a brother than a friend.  He was an inspiration in my life and will always be a major influence in my life.
There are very few people that I know who have known and maintained contact with a person for almost their entire life.  I met Chris in elementary school.  He, his brother, sister and mother lived at the end of my street for a while.  I remember Chris and I walking home from school and having a kitten follow us home.  Not sure what happened to that cat.. I remember playing with a turtle he had.  We brought it down to the brook which was close to our houses.  We played with the turtle for a while in the brook and hmm, gone.  Chris and his family moved off the street but we always saw each other in school.  That's the nice thing about a small town.
In middle school I recall getting in some trouble in math class. LOL! I had this duffel bag that could be un…

another good night at PF

I've really been enjoying my Planet Fitness membership.  Recently I upgraded my membership so I can have unlimited guests so I can now bring my son Adam with me.  Tonight though it's just me.  Elliptical for 30 minutes followed by Chest and Triceps.  Had a great workout.  It really felt good after a stressful day.  Well I burned that stress off. My back feels good and my eye, which has been worrying me feels pretty good now too.
I'm enjoying some relaxation right now watching the Red Sox and catching up on some Blogs and social media learning. 
Have a great night.

Spring time

Well it's April 3rd and it's going to be a gorgeous day. Tomorrow is Easter so I've go lots to do today. Already went to the gym this morning. Heidi got me a membership to Planet Fitness for Christmas and I've been using it pretty regularly since then. While I'm not losing weight like I did while I was working out with the Wii AE Sports Active I am feeling pretty good. I'm holding around the 208lbs. range. I'm working to get lower but won't kick myself if I don't provided I keep feeling good.
Today was Chest and Triceps. I started with 3o minutes on the Elliptical and then hit the weights. The gym doesn't have a lot of heavy weights so it's probably saving me from killing myself but there are times when it would be nice to have some heavier dumbbells. Their version of the smith machine also has a pretty light bar on it so I really don't know how much I'm moving. I go by what I load onto it and figure it's just a little …
Happy Valentines day to all! Had a great Dinner out last night with Heidi. Got to the gym this morning. Back and Bi's today. Time to relax now.


Well, another week has blown by where I've had no time for exercise. My lower back has been really tightening up due to my sitting in my office, or sitting at home. Yesterday I got up, fed the animals and headed for the gym. I sort of lie to myself. I say, well, I'll just do the elliptical for 25 minutes and then we'll call it a day. I know, typically, after 25 minutes of moving I feel better. So I jumped back into my routine. Shoulders and traps were on the the schedule so I picked up where I left off. Now I will say I do have an injury that i need to baby a bit, but my back isn't it. I did a few sets of overhead presses on the smith machine, followed by overhead presses with dumbbells. That's when I felt it. I had injured my wrist last weekend while moving a loaded bar from a lower position to a higher position on the smith machine. While I was pulling up with my right wrist and pushing up with my left, something popped on the pinkie side of my right …

Good weekend

After a week on the road working I got back to the gym on Saturday. I've been fighting a cold but it felt good to get in and work up a sweat. While the years have flown by I still go back to the basics for my workouts. Saturday was Chest and Triceps, preceded by 25 minutes on the elliptical. I try to keep my pace fast so that while I might not be lifting as much as I used to I am working hard. I only allow about 30 seconds between sets. Just enough time to change the weights, take a drink and then I'm into the next set.
Today I did the elliptical for 28 minutes and then squats and leg extensions. I found it funny that while I'm at a "judgment free" gym I got some dirty looks when I kept adding weight to my squats. From my point of view I was going light, but the dirty looks, wow, you would have thought I was screaming and grunting. I won't judge you, you don't judge me. Ok? ok.
Tomorrow I have to bring my son to swim practice so I probably will …