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Good weekend

After a week on the road working I got back to the gym on Saturday. I've been fighting a cold but it felt good to get in and work up a sweat. While the years have flown by I still go back to the basics for my workouts. Saturday was Chest and Triceps, preceded by 25 minutes on the elliptical. I try to keep my pace fast so that while I might not be lifting as much as I used to I am working hard. I only allow about 30 seconds between sets. Just enough time to change the weights, take a drink and then I'm into the next set. Today I did the elliptical for 28 minutes and then squats and leg extensions. I found it funny that while I'm at a "judgment free" gym I got some dirty looks when I kept adding weight to my squats. From my point of view I was going light, but the dirty looks, wow, you would have thought I was screaming and grunting. I won't judge you, you don't judge me. Ok? ok. Tomorrow I have to bring my son to swim practice so I probably will