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Happy Valentines day to all! Had a great Dinner out last night with Heidi. Got to the gym this morning. Back and Bi's today. Time to relax now.


Well, another week has blown by where I've had no time for exercise. My lower back has been really tightening up due to my sitting in my office, or sitting at home. Yesterday I got up, fed the animals and headed for the gym. I sort of lie to myself. I say, well, I'll just do the elliptical for 25 minutes and then we'll call it a day. I know, typically, after 25 minutes of moving I feel better. So I jumped back into my routine. Shoulders and traps were on the the schedule so I picked up where I left off. Now I will say I do have an injury that i need to baby a bit, but my back isn't it. I did a few sets of overhead presses on the smith machine, followed by overhead presses with dumbbells. That's when I felt it. I had injured my wrist last weekend while moving a loaded bar from a lower position to a higher position on the smith machine. While I was pulling up with my right wrist and pushing up with my left, something popped on the pinkie side of my right w