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Well, another week has blown by where I've had no time for exercise. My lower back has been really tightening up due to my sitting in my office, or sitting at home. Yesterday I got up, fed the animals and headed for the gym. I sort of lie to myself. I say, well, I'll just do the elliptical for 25 minutes and then we'll call it a day. I know, typically, after 25 minutes of moving I feel better. So I jumped back into my routine. Shoulders and traps were on the the schedule so I picked up where I left off. Now I will say I do have an injury that i need to baby a bit, but my back isn't it. I did a few sets of overhead presses on the smith machine, followed by overhead presses with dumbbells. That's when I felt it. I had injured my wrist last weekend while moving a loaded bar from a lower position to a higher position on the smith machine. While I was pulling up with my right wrist and pushing up with my left, something popped on the pinkie side of my right wrist. What ever connects the base of the hand to the bone on my wrist popped and started to swell. So, I went easy on it the rest of last weekend and it's fell pretty good. Well yesterday, while not too bad, I felt it again. It hurts any time I need to pivot a weight on that wrist. So for straight bar pushing it's fine, but for dumbbells it's not so good. So, I went light but worked the reps. I definitely feel the burn in my shoulders this morning so I feel good about that and my wrist isn't bothering me so I don't think I set the healing process back too far on that end.
Today will be Back, Lower Back, Hamstrings and then Biceps. I will see how the wrist does on the pulling motion. If I can keep the hand position right I think I'll be ok. Well, the animals are fed and back inside now. I guess it's time to get my ass to the gym. Wish me luck.


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So I was doing my forth set of inclined dumbbell presses. The weight wasn't too much, nice concentration and contraction. I felt good. I was adjusting my shoulder blades on the bench when I got a sudden wave of pain and heat washing over me from the base of my skull to the front of my head. I calmly put my weights down and took some long deep breaths. I wasn't in a lot of pain but the suddeness of the headache that set is was amazing. I could feel my heart beating in my temples. Needless to say I brought my workout to an early end. I went up stairs and layed down with an icepack on the back of my head. After a few hours the pain was down to a mild headache. My wife asked if I thought my blood pressure was up. I hadn't really concidered it. My son needed a couple of folders for school so I went up to the local Rite-Aid with him to get them and while I was there I decided to sit at one of those BP machines. 144/95. hmm. The next day I awoke with a bad headache again. Now, I …

Yet another body reboot!

2016 started out very poorly for me.  I returned from a trip to Chicago at the end of January and I felt horrible.  I had horrible headaches every morning and every time I bent over to tie my shoes my chest ached.  My shoulders hurt, my back hurt.  I was a mess.  The headaches persisted.  I tried neti pot,  Ice, heat, meditation.  Finally I went to the doctor.  I had a sinus infection and my chest pain was diagnosed as Costochondritis.

Costochondritis occurs when the cartilage in these joints becomes inflamed. Rheumatoid arthritis is one cause of that inflammation, but you also can get it from an injury or physical strain. The RA inflammation may cause a sharp, stabbing chestpain that can be mistaken for a heart attack

After multiple rounds of antibiotics without relief and having pretty much destroying my intestinal microbiome I sought relief at Middleton Chiropractic in Dover, NH.

On March 31st feeling pretty good about my posture and general physique I began a process of rebuilding.


Fall has fell

Grilling is a year-round event. 
I love being able to get outside regardless of the weather and grilling gives me the opportunity.
I loved to be outside enjoying the quiet of nature or the sound of kids playing in the neighborhood.  The wind through the trees or the birds chirping. 
Fall brings a new treat. The crispness in the air. The changing of colors and the smell of a wood stove warming the house.
Soon I'll need to clean up the yard.  Put the chairs away before the snow fall flies.  I still have some wood to split. It will go on the back of the stack.
I'll probably mow the lawn once more this season before I rotate the mower to the back of the garage and the snow blower to the front.  Oh yes, I must get some shear pins.
Never a dull moment.  For now I'll enjoy my steak.