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another good night at PF

I've really been enjoying my Planet Fitness membership.  Recently I upgraded my membership so I can have unlimited guests so I can now bring my son Adam with me.  Tonight though it's just me.  Elliptical for 30 minutes followed by Chest and Triceps.  Had a great workout.  It really felt good after a stressful day.  Well I burned that stress off. My back feels good and my eye, which has been worrying me feels pretty good now too. I'm enjoying some relaxation right now watching the Red Sox and catching up on some Blogs and social media learning.  Have a great night.

Spring time

Well it's April 3rd and it's going to be a gorgeous day. Tomorrow is Easter so I've go lots to do today. Already went to the gym this morning. Heidi got me a membership to Planet Fitness for Christmas and I've been using it pretty regularly since then. While I'm not losing weight like I did while I was working out with the Wii AE Sports Active I am feeling pretty good. I'm holding around the 208lbs. range. I'm working to get lower but won't kick myself if I don't provided I keep feeling good. Today was Chest and Triceps. I started with 3o minutes on the Elliptical and then hit the weights. The gym doesn't have a lot of heavy weights so it's probably saving me from killing myself but there are times when it would be nice to have some heavier dumbbells. Their version of the smith machine also has a pretty light bar on it so I really don't know how much I'm moving. I go by what I load onto it and figure it's just a little