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Good Bye

On Friday December 3 2010 this world lost an amazing person and I lost a treasured friend.  Christopher Parks was more of a brother than a friend.  He was an inspiration in my life and will always be a major influence in my life. There are very few people that I know who have known and maintained contact with a person for almost their entire life.  I met Chris in elementary school.  He, his brother, sister and mother lived at the end of my street for a while.  I remember Chris and I walking home from school and having a kitten follow us home.  Not sure what happened to that cat.. I remember playing with a turtle he had.  We brought it down to the brook which was close to our houses.  We played with the turtle for a while in the brook and hmm, gone.  Chris and his family moved off the street but we always saw each other in school.  That's the nice thing about a small town. In middle school I recall getting in some trouble in math class. LOL! I had this duffel bag that could be unz