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CrossFit Portsmouth!

CrossFit Portsmouth! So a I've been traveling a bit.  Working late a bit. And making excuses a lot.  My time in the gym has slacked and my body has been making me feel really old.  Once again my muscles get so tight and my back twinges so much it just makes me mad and sad.  I blow of the gym and spiral into nothing.  UGH!  Well a week ago I saw an episode on NH Chronicle about CrossFit.  The episode was about a gym in Bedford, NH but after watching the show I googled and found one in Portsmouth.  I did my research and made an appointment.  I loved what I saw and read and I've been looking forward to my free session for over a week now.  Well my subconscious went into over drive.  NONE SHALL PASS!  My muscles started to tighten up from my heels to my shoulders.  I felt as though my body would completely freeze up on my.  BUT, I know my brain.  I told my subconscious to shove it and I powered through my day.  I arrived at the gym a bit early, changed into my shorts, t-shirt and