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You Know you had a good workout when...

You know you've had a good workout when: A. You barely have enough energy to leave the gym. B. You felt like you might throw up on your second to last set. C. You're looking forward to the next workout. D. All of the above. D I sadly don't have a lot of time to exercise.  I try to be somewhat consistent but basically I do what I can do when I can do it.  This weekend has been a good weekend.  Yesterday I did a leg workout.  Squats etc.  It was a bit frustrating because I can still can't hold the bar properly with my left arm due to a shoulder impingement but I did what I could.  It must have been pretty decent because boy did I feel it today.  Today I did an upper body workout and it felt great.  by the time I I was wrapping up my preacher curls I thought I might lose my breakfast.  Deep breath... and repeat.  I feel great and I'm hoping to get in another workout tomorrow before I need to hit the road for work.  At least on the streets of NYC I'll be doing a l

Paleo! Here we go!

Several months ago when I was looking into Crossfit I came across Paleo.  I'd heard about the diet before but didn't know much about it.  I for one don't like the idea of a diet, meaning some special way of counting calories or gimmick to lose weight.  I personally always hated it, in my younger years, when I would go into a new gym and they would ask if I was on a diet and how much weight did I want to lose...  Well, first off, a diet is whatever it is you're eating on a regular basis.  So yes, I was on a diet.   Secondly I didn't want to lose weight.  I wanted to gain as much muscle mass as possible and gain weight. That was over 20 years ago and while I still hold the same beliefs about the term diet, I am now trying to lose weight.  I still want lean muscle mass but I do need to change my diet so that I am eating more reasonably.   My youthful muscle head physique has turned into a middle aged, out of shape, aches and pains physique. Now I will say that I hav