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Autumn is in the air

Autumn is here and the weather is gorgeous.  The first full week of fall has passed and we really had a beautiful week.  Yesterday my wife and I went for a nice drive across New Hampshire.  The colors of the leaves are all changing and going from the seacoast to Hanover NH was wonderful and really helped me clear my head.

The past few weeks have been a blur.  My company has been preparing for our community conference and all went off without a hitch.  This past week I decompressed, no gym.  This weekend I decided to skip the gym too and focused on settling my brain and trying to refocus on the tasks in front of me.

Yesterday morning I split some wood.  I'm behind in my duties at home and really should have spent more time on this in the spring.  Splitting by maul is my workout and my therapy.

With the conference over and a week of down time, tomorrow I'll head back to the gym and work with new focus and goals.  

My wife has been very supportive.  We make a good team.  We both have our ups and downs and luckily for both of us I think we do a good job of balancing each other out.  

I had a great summer of workouts and it has helped to keep me healthy and focused. 
Now to drive forward once more into the fall.  The sun is setting a little earlier each day.  Soon there will be frost, then snow.  Time to get to work. Get my house in order.  Get my body in order.  And get my business in order.   Ever forward!


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Yet another body reboot!

2016 started out very poorly for me.  I returned from a trip to Chicago at the end of January and I felt horrible.  I had horrible headaches every morning and every time I bent over to tie my shoes my chest ached.  My shoulders hurt, my back hurt.  I was a mess.  The headaches persisted.  I tried neti pot,  Ice, heat, meditation.  Finally I went to the doctor.  I had a sinus infection and my chest pain was diagnosed as Costochondritis.

Costochondritis occurs when the cartilage in these joints becomes inflamed. Rheumatoid arthritis is one cause of that inflammation, but you also can get it from an injury or physical strain. The RA inflammation may cause a sharp, stabbing chestpain that can be mistaken for a heart attack

After multiple rounds of antibiotics without relief and having pretty much destroying my intestinal microbiome I sought relief at Middleton Chiropractic in Dover, NH.

On March 31st feeling pretty good about my posture and general physique I began a process of rebuilding.


Fall has fell

Grilling is a year-round event. 
I love being able to get outside regardless of the weather and grilling gives me the opportunity.
I loved to be outside enjoying the quiet of nature or the sound of kids playing in the neighborhood.  The wind through the trees or the birds chirping. 
Fall brings a new treat. The crispness in the air. The changing of colors and the smell of a wood stove warming the house.
Soon I'll need to clean up the yard.  Put the chairs away before the snow fall flies.  I still have some wood to split. It will go on the back of the stack.
I'll probably mow the lawn once more this season before I rotate the mower to the back of the garage and the snow blower to the front.  Oh yes, I must get some shear pins.
Never a dull moment.  For now I'll enjoy my steak.

A great Fall in NH

I love NH because of the wonderful lifestyle I'm able to live.  I can live in the woods and still be in the mountains or on the seacoast in a short drive. 
I love the changes to the seasons.  It gives me a reason to be out and moving.  Living in NH, I always feel like an Ant preparing for winter.  Keeping up with a house and yard is a never ending task.  Some would opt out of the work effort in search for a more simple life. To me the work and satisfaction from working on my house or in my yard is what makes life worthwhile.  Not only does the work keep me healthy but the pride in my yard or the fact that at my age I'm still able to maul split and stack my own wood is rewarding.   Cheers to the seasons.  Cheers to friends and family. Cheers to NH.