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Yet another body reboot!

2016 started out very poorly for me.  I returned from a trip to Chicago at the end of January and I felt horrible.  I had horrible headaches every morning and every time I bent over to tie my shoes my chest ached.  My shoulders hurt, my back hurt.  I was a mess.  The headaches persisted.  I tried neti pot,  Ice, heat, meditation.  Finally I went to the doctor.  I had a sinus infection and my chest pain was diagnosed as  Costochondritis. Costochondritis occurs when the cartilage in these joints becomes inflamed. Rheumatoid  arthritis  is one cause of that inflammation, but you also can get it from an injury or physical strain. The RA inflammation may cause a sharp, stabbing  chest pain that can be mistaken for a heart attack After multiple rounds of antibiotics without relief and having pretty much destroying my intestinal microbiome I sought relief at Middleton Chiropractic in Dover, NH. On March 31st feeling pretty good about my posture and general physique I began a process of